Sometimes we just want to be watched.


- Recommended to play in full screen.

- Recommended to play on a laptop or put your keyboard close to the screen.

- Can only be played on a QWERTY-layout keyboard.

- Some keys might work weirdly depending on the keyboard layout, but that's ok they are still watching.



"Modern Attempt" by TrackTribe

"Busy City" by TrackTribe

"Soft Feeling" by Cheel

"Billy Goat Stomp" by Joel Cummins

"Staycation" by Corbyn Kites

"Out On My Skateboard" by The Mini Vandals

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)


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aw, so cute!


It's nice to feel seen!



Surprisingly sweet game! It was so cool seeing the eyes follow my keyboard movements when I turned full screen on

thanks! glad you liked it! :))




Soo Sweet I love this game!

thank you so much! :)


Lovely, comforting, uplifting. i adore this game.

thank you! glad you enjoyed it :D


It's very lovely! Thank you for such a nice game. The eyes are very encouraging.

thank you! this is encouraging too :D